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Live the dream of equality today.

3 Proven Steps to Gain
White Male Privilege

No white skin? No Y Chromosome? No problem! With INAWG you’ll get the benefits of whiteness and maleness within minutes. Just open the app, request a white guy, and get treated like a first class human!

Why Expecting Fair
Treatment Doesn’t Work

Change can take a lot of time. It can even take a lot of lifetimes. We guarantee first in class human rights in 2019, not 2109. Trust us, dignity tastes a lot sweeter when you’re not dead.

How White Guys can be
Part of the Solution

Once you’ve had the experience of stepping in as a white guy to help a fellow human being get fair treatment there will be no turning back. As a bonus you’ll never feel uncomfortable at a diversity and inclusion event again!

How it works

With our trademarked PaaS (Privilege as a Service) platform, finding a white guy is as easy as pulling out the app and tapping two buttons.

Experience VIP treatment wherever you go.

Is your doctor mansplaining menstruation to you again? Just have one of our verified white guys explain to your doctor that you are a woman and therefore know what your period feels like and that he has no business trying to explain how it feels to you in the first place. Get listened to the first time, money back guaranteed.

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We really are stronger together.

If we’re going to win the war against systemic racism and sexism, we’re going to need everyone to take up arms together. Let’s create a united front. Spread some of that privilege around white bro!

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Let’s create a guilt & fear free future together.

Life sucks when you’ve got a target on your back. With our certified white guys, you’ll never fear for your life at a doctor's office again.

Ready to shed some of that guilt that comes with privilege? I mean it’s not like you owned slaves, right? Become a certified white guy and lighten that load.

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I need a white guy was inspired by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s episode:
Bias in Medicine.

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So much satisfaction

Check out what our hypothetical users are saying!

“I’d recently read in the NYT that the racial disparity between blacks’ and whites’ child mortality rates are worse today than they were in 1850. When I got pregnant with Jamal I was concerned for the quality of care that I’d receive, so I used INAWG and a different white guy accompanied me to all of my doctor’s visits up until I gave birth. Thanks INAWG!”

Clarissa Martin NYT Article Black Mother

“I used to clam up in discussions about racism and slavery. What did a white guy like me have to offer about those topics? But I realized that I do have something to say, and after gaining my Certified Pass from INAWG, I never hesitate to tell my black friends that I have just as much reason to fear the cops as they do.”

Russel Stewart Certified White Guy

“When a Certified White Guy tells me he’s in pain next to a black woman who is really in pain, it is a great reminder that black skin is not thicker than white skin, so maybe two Tylenols isn’t enough for surgery. Thanks INAWG for constantly reminding me of my bias!”

Dr JimDoctor

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